A voice in The National Trust

Calling all members of the National Trust – will you help us?

In its review of nominating bodies to their Council, the National Trust has advised that we, the Gardens Trust, will appear on the ballot paper but will not be a ‘recommended’ organisation to remain on the Council.
If we are not re-elected to Council, the Gardens Trust, as the Government’s Statutory Consultee, will no longer have a voice within the National Trust regarding over 250 historic landscapes in its care.

Gardens Trust and County Gardens Trust members, and our other supporters, who are also members of the National Trust, have a chance to ensure that our views on historic landscapes continue to guide the National Trust’s work by using your vote to champion the Gardens Trust to remain a vocal and effective member of National Trust Council.

We all need to remain vigilant and work collaboratively with professionals, our members and County Gardens Trusts who have a major role to play in protecting these sites for future generations to enjoy.

The National Trust’s Annual General Meeting will be held on Saturday 20 October 2018 at the STEAM Museum in Swindon. Information will be sent to National Trust members and available on their website from early September. Last year there were only about 30,000 members using their vote, out of a total of 5 million+ members. Please could I ask you if you are a National Trust member to take a few moments to return the ballot papers and to vote FOR the Gardens Trust continuing to have a representative on Council.

Your vote will make a difference!

With many thanks for your support,

Dr James Bartos

Chair, The Gardens Trust